The cannabis industry is healthier than ever with legalization spreading throughout much of Canada and the United States. While this legal status is new, cannabis has been used since at least 1000 BCE. Despite the common outlook of those outside the culture, marijuana is not used just to “get high”. In fact, the spread of legalization for medicinal reasons is in rapid effect due to its bounty of honest to goodness benefits. From pain relief to stress relief and help with depression, cannabis has proven itself effective for a variety of discomforts and ailments. The real kicker here is that long-term use of marijuana is much less harmful than the regular use of numerous pharmaceuticals—it is much less addicting as well.

While the majority of us understand this fact, there is an undeniable stigma around it that has kept it from universal legalization. It is only recently that we are beginning to see widespread acceptance and the support of non-consumers at the polls. This long-standing stigma has instilled with it a variety of marijuana myths that are believed by many to this day. These typically negative myths are what ultimately feeds into the fear, enabling marijuana’s illegal status to be upheld across several countries.

It is Addicting

One of the more common mistakes made by outside eyes is relating cannabis to the more harmful substances like cocaine, tobacco, and some pharmaceuticals. With such a comparison it is easy to see why people assume cannabis is addicting. Technically speaking, marijuana does not have addicting ingredients/chemicals like the commonly used drugs out there. However, anything can become psychologically addicting. Those who find themselves mentally reliant on marijuana are considered to have marijuana use disorder that occasionally needs treatment.

Cannabis Lowers the Mental Capacity

We have all heard it time and time again –negatively impacts your mental performance. This is perhaps the longest-standing myth where cannabis is concerned, and it is understandably worrisome. However, where there are health concerns such as this, there is scientific research. While marijuana can cause memory-loss while intoxicated, there is absolutely zero-proof that this can lead to permanent damage. Furthermore, there is evidence that it is absolutely not harmful when used casually.

Cannabis Causes a Lack of Motivation and Poor Performance

We have all heard the adage that marijuana will have you sitting idly by while life just keeps on moving. Remember the commercial with the deflated woman, “high on marijuana”, plastered to the couch like a melting candle? Ads like this have long instilled this idea over the past few decades. However, through a few studies, research has shown that regular use of marijuana does not affect motivation or performance levels. Speaking personally, it actually tends to get us moving!

Effects of Marijuana

One of the reasons many believe cannabis is such a harmful indulgence is because they believe it to be a gateway drug. What is a gateway drug? Many believe that marijuana use will lead you to sample other, more serious drugs. While those abusing heroin, LSD, and the like have likely previously consumed THC, this does not go both ways. When making the comparison between these two very different groups of people, you will see that there is absolutely no link between cannabis use and the use of hard drugs. On the contrary, marijuana is incredibly useful in helping those addicted to hard drugs through the recovery process. It is one of the least harmful ways to get relief from those nasty withdrawal symptoms.

Cannabis Leads to Crime

It is quite common among the majority to believe that cannabis causes, creates, or encourages crime in one way or another.             However, if you have indulged in the past, then you know that marijuana has quite a calming and passive effect. This reduction in aggression actually makes users less likely to commit a crime. However, because cannabis is so widely criminalized, cannabis use in itself is the only real thing turning users into criminals. In fact, you will find that they are what makes up the statistic—not threatening criminals.

There is a Chance for Overdose

Because cannabis is so often compared to harder drugs, many assume that you can overdose as you can with heroin, opiates, cocaine, etc. However, you can rest easy knowing that this has never happened even once. While it is not likely that you are going to smoke yourself to death, too much consumption of anything can cause a negative reaction. Of course, if you use marijuana and you do have a negative reaction, you should probably find another way to relax.

Marijuana Kills Brain Cells

This has been the big one for as long as we can remember. And it is indeed a scary thought. With these rumors whirling around there have many scientific study done on the matter. As it turns out, cannabis does NOT, in fact, kill brain cells. The weird thing to consider here is that alcohol does kill brain cells, causing permanent damage, yet it remains legal around the world. That’s something to think about for sure.

Enjoying the Benefits of Marijuana Safely and Effectively

The world will still likely hold on to a couple of these myths as time passes, however, it is likely to become accepted worldwide in the future. With any luck doctors and scientists can work together to integrate cannabis into patient care plans instead of medication. Until then, at least you know that all those myths you have heard over the years do not have much truth to them. Furthermore, the safe and legal use of marijuana is beneficial for plenty of people of all ages, genders, cultures, races, etc!

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