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  1. 16687


    Super frosty and smokes great love this strain🔥

  2. 1316


    Smells great and tastes awesome small buds

  3. 5082


    Pretty nice and very stinky very nice smell also and good taste and awesome buzz awesome site

  4. 5082


    I just got this in the mail 2oz and it’s amazing!!! I’m highly impressed!!

  5. 5670

    Marc Lapierre

    Received shake, shipping was prompt and email communication easy with seller. Lots of keif in the bag, even some nugs of it. Some debris in it as advertised but for the price and quality this is the best deal around...I shopped around hard and did my research, very happy with the purchase. Thanks!MC

  6. 26503


    10/10 💨💨💕 awesome product

  7. 32208

    Pier-Alec Trépanier

    I Buy this Strain last week but no news since they accepted the payment... I send a lot of mails but no answer maybe here someone Will answer

  8. 33593


    Amazing stuff sticky and stinky for sure. Will definatly be getting it again cause i just ordered a qp lol

  9. 5082

    Lukas Gudrunas

    Lol, really?

  10. 28673


    looks good, smokes good

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