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  1. 25991


    What can I say? This strain is tasty, pungent, and beautiful. I can go to sleep on it still but I can also go to work for 6 hours without crashing. Consistently great, even high.

  2. 60771


    Feels like coming home to a home cooked meal. Never gets you too high, but doesn’t play around either. Perfect for any occasion. Lowkey, subtle, but also loving and kind. A classic.

  3. 183

    Stuart Amy

    simple, mellow and earthy

  4. 8824


    I love it! so classic nice clean high

  5. 2476


    Super great strain! Great daytime strain that keeps you motivated to get things done while also still being very high. The crazy thing is there is no stupor of thought whatsoever. Love it.

  6. 43512


    Great for PMS! I was in a shit mood before smoking a bowl of this. Thinking more positive, creative thoughts now!

  7. 38951


    Consistently knocks me out. I love this strain, but I can’t be productive on it.

  8. 197


    the dry eyes is pretty substantial but is was very euphoric. felt like my first high all over again

  9. 43910


    So mellow and earthy. Kills stress on contact. Keeps you functional yet fluffy. Keeps apitite legit. Perfect for a Saturday at home with the family.

  10. 38442


    An all time favorite

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