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Golden Monkey Extracts (GME) cartridges are made with premium-grade Delta-9 THC distillates and naturally-derived terpenes. Every batch of GME’s distillate is lab-tested to ensure quality and consistency in every inhale. Engineered to deliver the most flavourful vapour, every cartridge contains 800mg of THC, housed in a 1.0mL CCELL™️ TH2 cartridge. In comparison to other manufacturers, the revolutionary ceramic heating elements and unique design of CCELL™️ TH2 cartridges allow for better flowability of oil, ensuring a premium vaping experience.


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How does the 35-45% off work?

To clarify how our discount system works is when you add 8 Ounces into your cart (doesn’t matter which strain) or if it is the same strain, your cart will automatically apply 45% off, which you will see the discounted price.

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Golden Monkey Extracts is dedicated in creating the highest and purest quality concentrates.

Every product produced in their facility goes through an extensive quality control to ensure customers are consistently receiving nothing but the best.

With their unique extraction process, they extract only quality buds with high THC content while preserving the complexity of each terpene profile.


Zkittles, Gelato, Blueberry, Pineapple God, Granddaddy Purple, God's Green Crack, Durban Poison, Lemon Skunk, Wedding Cake, Blue Dream, Black Diamond

8 reviews for Golden Monkey Extracts – 800mg THC Vape CARTRIDGE

  1. Sierra Price

    This is by far one of the best vape pen cartridges available on the market. The extraction method preserves not only the potency but the terpenes as well, making every strain unique in flavour and effect. I cannot recommend this enough, such great value for the cost as well, I’ve bought all the flavours now! Thanks Bulkweedinabox

  2. Yoitsjer

    Zkittles is Delicious. I am blown away by the difference between this product and other vapes I’ve tried.

  3. Acadien666

    Très bon produit,a conseiller.bon prix, livraison vraiment rapide ,Bravo

  4. Rui M

    Awesome!! Love my GM Delta 8 Cart. Beautiful favor, relaxing & stress free! You guys are the best!! Thank you so much!!

  5. JonnyF

    Got the blueberry. Killer stuff and fit on my other battery

  6. Hanna Ramsay

    Great flavours, so many, super cerebral high. Highly recommend.

  7. petejohnson

    Great deal! They are delicious and work great without leaking like the cheap companies.

  8. Malakai Spencer

    I have chronic anxiety disorder & Insomnia and the carts helps immensely. I could not live my life without these carts. And I’m not going to take pain med either just to get hooked on them.

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