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*Grown in BC*

Ace Killer OG is an indica strain that boasts a high THC content and a pungent diesel aroma. Bred from White Fire OGKing’s KushKosher Kush, and a mystery strain, Ace Killer OG inherits a heavy blanket of snow-like resin and hard-hitting effects that can stupefy even the most seasoned veteran.

Bud Size: Small – Medium
Texture: Perfect
Flavour: Skunky, Earthy, Gas

THC Content – 26.1% Highest Test
Common Usage – Stress, Depression, Fatigue
Effects – Happy, Uplifted, Euphoric

Batch Date : March/20/2019

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Ace Killer OG Strain Information :

There are few words used when describing consumables that get people more excited than “rare” and “infamous”. You can have a rare scotch and people come flocking, an infamous cheese and people talk about it with their friends, and in the case of Ace Killer, a rare and infamous bud. By crossing an ambitious four strains – White Fire OG, King’s Kush, Kosher Kush and a mystery strain, breeders have put together an extremely potent, indica-dominant hybrid that will leave you painless and likely sleeping in no time.

The incredibly high THC levels, averaging at 26%, are only part of what makes this strain so powerful. Add in the 2% CBD and its indica heavy traits and you’ve got yourself a truly punching high. For those that love a dank bud you’re in luck again. Ace Killer OG brings spicy and diesel scents to your nose and skunky sour notes on the tongue. The olive green nugs are covered in amber hairs and a rich coating of white trichomes.

Like a ninja assassin, this high comes in quickly, quietly, and knocks you old cold before you have much of a chance to realize what’s happening. You’ll feel euphoric and hazy with a heavy body high, making it perfect for days where you need both pain and stress relief. The sedation is long-lasting and will have you glued to your couch with very little effort. You’ll find at this point your mind will wander, making you feel creative and happy, although you’ll have little motivation to do anything with either of those feelings. Enjoy this bliss as you grow heavier and more relaxed until you eventually drift off to sleep.

As mentioned before, this bud is perfect for stress relief as it is completely soothing, and furthermore great for pain relief as the sedative properties are mighty. If you suffer from chronic aches, muscle tension, or spasms this strain would be great to help you treat your symptoms and find comfort again. Depression and lack of appetite can also benefit from Ace Killer OG as it is a minor stimulant. Novice users beware, as this is not a high for the faint of heart. Ace Killer OG has the tendency to shoot down even the most experienced smokers.

This plant’s rarity is not without cause. Coming across grow information for this particular strain is quite difficult, with some saying that it’s more difficult to come across the seeds than the already hard to find nugs.

For a full body meltdown in the best way possible, reach for Ace Killer OG and have the most relaxing night of your life. Get in the haze of this dank, pungent bud and sink into the happy, thick feeling of this scarcely found high.


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12 reviews for Ace Killer OG

  1. bradlong64 (verified owner)

    i give this killer a 5 n my buddy smoked one and we were fried..i will get it again

  2. Tab7879 (verified owner)

    This is a really great strain. Gets you really baked and tastes really good. Can’t go wrong with this strain. Will buy again

  3. Cubakush420

    Really good nugs where solid and daked on crystal really good would buy again ??

  4. MisssyBaby

    Definitely killer lol didn’t take much and me and my hubby weee fried. The smell is yummy and I love how it’s not so dry and can be rolled into a joint. The quantity is good too!

  5. Moop

    I received this as a bonus to my order and was intrigued from the get go! When you look at in the light, it appears to be covered in almost a sugar coating, and when it smokes it’s as sweet as it looks! Really nice Indica buzz. Highly recommend it.

  6. Lucifar

    Bought this for my girlfriend to make her pass out at night. Insomnia slayer. And I just wnoy the ride.

  7. Mertle77 (verified owner)

    Very happy with this strain, looks and smells great gives a fast body numbing high is very good. Cure was great. Highly recomend would buy again

  8. darren kenny

    got in sample love it nice nugs good buzz!!great bag appeal

  9. JuliusReefer (verified owner)

    I got this as a bonus on Wednesday wheel, then ordered an oz. I couldn’t be happier. This stuff smokes amazing and is definitely top shelf.

  10. Ruby1105

    I got it as a sample. Everything is great about this strain.

  11. John S

    I also got this as a sample, very good product.

  12. THChronicMessiah (verified owner)

    Very tasty OG, love the flavor. Sticky and stinky ! I will definitely be buying again.

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