Making Edibles

When it comes to THC consumption, there are several ways to do so with varying results. While smoking provides immediate benefits, edibles are potent and long-lasting, ultimately providing a different experience. Furthermore, these baked goodies are a safe and easy way to enjoy the benefits of THC on the go. The real advantage here is their capability to provide affects you do not necessarily experience from mere inhalation.

In fact, the consumption of edibles has been linked to more of a body buzz type of high as opposed to the effects received from smoking. With the spread of dispensaries across the country, it is easier than ever to purchase various edibles ranging from cookies to candy. However, if you are someone who indulges frequently, you will ultimately find yourself spending a pretty penny in the long run. The solution? Homemade edibles of course! The best part is, you don’t have to be Betty Crocker in the kitchen to whip up something tasty. Below are the easiest edibles to create in your home kitchen.

The Humble Firecracker

This humble little treat is not the tastiest on the list, but they do happen to be one of the best considering the speed and potency. Made from simple, household ingredients, this is one that can be thrown together last minute with minimal bud. The secret behind the firecracker’s success lies in the decarboxylation. Before you construct this nifty peanut butter and herb sandwich, the weed itself is put into the oven on low heat to convert the THCA into THC. When baked within the peanut butter the THC is absorbed by the fats from the peanut butter. If you do it just right you can achieve a pleasant and long-lasting buzz.

Following the decarb practice, you will want to coat one side of each graham cracker with a generous amount of peanut butter. Top this off with the ground bud and stir it into the peanut butter with a toothpick. Once you sandwich the two crackers together and wrap them in foil, they are ready to bake. In under 15 minutes, you can enjoy a quick snack and a bit of relief.

Cannabis Tea

To all of the hot tea fans out there, this one is for you. Not only is it a smooth and convenient way to enjoy your herb, but it also provides that much-needed mid-day pick me up. While I have found this to be less effective than firecrackers, it is definitely worth a try at some point. With a simple tea bag, a tea bag holder, the liquid fat of your choice, and some hot water – you can brew a great cup of cannabis-infused tea. You can also have fun experimenting with different additives and types of tea. We suggest squeezing in a bit of honey or juice from your favorite citrus fruit for optimal flavor.

Once you have broken up your cannabis you want to coat it in some sort of fat. For the purpose of drinking, you will want to stick with a liquid oil. We recommend coconut oil or butter. Get your water on its way to boiling and put your weed and tea inside a tea ball. Turn the heat to a simmer and steep your ingredients for thirty minutes. It is that easy to both take in THC and a warm, comforting beverage.

The Microwave Brownie

For many of us, the word edible quickly triggers thoughts of brownies and the like. This is of course due to their classic popularity, rich flavor, and ease of preparation. While a hot pan of baked fudgy brownies is unbeatable, cannabis brownies are in fact time-consuming. Luckily, when you are craving chocolate with a hint of THC, there is a much quicker option. With brownie mix, a mug, oil, some bud, and a microwave, you can quickly cook up a cake-like canna-brownie in minutes.

There are several varieties of the microwave cake/brownie, so the mix you choose is really up to you. To craft this chocolatey treat, all you need to do is prepare your brownie mix according to the box, sauté your cannabis in butter until it is light brown and crispy, and microwave it for 45 seconds. Ultimately you will end up with a relaxing, melt in your mouth product. Add chocolate chips or berries for more variety and flavor. Not only are these a breeze to mix up, they can be as potent as you like with simple or big, bold flavors.

Kief Cookies

This simple edible is quick and easy with very little work involved. They are especially ideal when you have a good deal of kief built up in your grinder. Depending on how frequently you use your grinder, kief is more concentrated than the actual flower and can produce quite the surprising little baked good. The best part is, you can easily alter the potency by adding more or less kief to the cookie of your choice.

To get started, collect your kief from within your grinder. Now, transfer it to some sort of smooth, dry surface like a rolling paper. It then needs to go into the oven at 220-degrees to decarb. While this process takes place, prepare your dough and form your cookies. When the kief is done decarboxylating, simply make a thumbprint in each cookie and add as much kief as you would like. Surprisingly enough, the weed taste barely comes through, allowing you to enjoy both the effects and the flavor.

Becoming an Edible Chef

If you enjoy the effects of edibles without the price tag, we strongly suggest trying out some of these easy to bake delights. Whether you choose to go the firecracker route or microwave brownie route, you will find these methods to be time conserving and highly beneficial. Experimenting with different flavors and methods is highly encouraged as well as the use of different strains. From pain relief to chronic anxiety and insomnia, an edible here and there can go a long way toward relief, relaxation, and well-being.

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  1. Got some white widow and purple kush keif today! They have a wonderful aroma. Cant wait to make some edibles!

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